NANOGrav's Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT)

Looking for a relatable scientist role model to bring accessible, cutting-edge astrophysics to your school or youth group? Request for a member of NANOGrav’s Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT) to visit and deliver our signature outreach presentation, “Tuning In to Einstein’s Universe.”

What is SPOT?

NANOGrav’s SPOT group is a cadre of NANOGrav students and postdocs who are trained in science communication and outreach for K-12 audiences.

What is the presentation like?

“Tuning In to Einstein’s Universe” is an interactive 30-minute slideshow presentation that is targeted to a middle school age audience but is adaptable to audiences of all ages. The presentation builds on the history of astronomy from Galileo’s time to show how gravity can open a whole new window to our understanding of the universe. How are gravitational waves made? How do we use pulsars to detect them? Where is this research happening in your home state and how can you become involved? Different versions of the presentation highlight the unique contributions of the different states where NANOGrav research takes place.

What do I need?

Projector and blank screen or wall

How do I request a presentation?

Fill out the Request Form below, then a NANOGrav SPOT member in your home state (or nearby) will touch base with you to determine the details of their visit.

After your NANOGrav SPOT visit, please give us some feedback! SPOT Presentation Evaluation Form

Ambassadors, download your presentations and report back here