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The International Pulsar Timing Array

NANOGrav shares the goal of detecting and studying gravitational waves using pulsars with two other international collaborations. The European Pulsar Timing Array (EPTA) is using several radio telescopes located throughout Europe, and the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array (PPTA) is using the Parkes Telescope, located in New South Wales, Australia. In 2011, NANOGrav formerly partnered with the EPTA and PPTA to form the International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA). IPTA members agree to share data and strategies and to work together collaboratively with the goal of detecting gravitational waves more quickly. Through the IRES program, NANOGrav members are also able to study abroad with members of the IPTA. The IPTA holds yearly meetings, with each consortium taking a turn to host on a rotating basis.

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