Philip Andrews

Departure Date:
Return Date:
Local Institution:
Hillsdale College
Local Advisor:
Tim Dolch
Foreign Institution:
Foreign Advisor:
Student Status:
  • Q. What country were you staying in?
    • China
  • Q. Where were you doing research?
    • NAOC, FAST
  • Q. How long were you there?
    • 10 weeks
  • Q. What sort of research were you doing?
    • Machine learning to recognize single astronomical pulses and reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Q. Did being abroad influence the kind of research you’re doing?
    • Only slightly, in that the FAST telescope is the most advanced instrument of its kind
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing about being abroad?
    • Meeting new people and experiencing their different lifestyles and perspectives
  • Q. What’s your favorite new phrase from the language?
    • Bu bu bu = No no you’re very wrong
  • Q. What’s the hardest thing about being abroad?
    • Not having a laundry machine and getting a VPN to work
  • Q. What did you do in your free time?
    • I would play basketball at the nearby court, also I went to the nearby malls a lot and meet many new friends, and otherwise just spent lots of time exploring the city
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or seen while abroad?
    • The Great Wall
  • Q. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done or seen while abroad?
    • I danced the YMCA in a school talent show with a boy I was helping learn English
  • Q. What advice would you offer others thinking of going abroad?
    • Make sure to plan as much as possible in advance, but also enjoy problem solving when things go wrong. Talk to as many people in the country as you can and ask lots of questions
  • Q. What skills have you learned abroad?
    • How to get around on the subway, how to be totally comfortable being uncomfortable or embarrassed, how to use chopsticks
  • Q. Is there anything you’d do differently or anything you wish you’d have known?
    • Definitely would have been easier if I knew to set up a phone number and bank account right away to be able to pay for things using WeChat