We always welcome new members to join us as we probe the universe in a completely new and revolutionary way.

The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) is a collaboration of researchers who are actively engaged in using North American radio telescopes to detect and study gravitational waves via pulsar timing.

In order to further this purpose, the members of NANOGrav work to obtain observing time on relevant telescopes, advance instrumentation and algorithms, obtain funding, publish relevant research results, and engage their professional colleagues, potential sponsors, and the public regarding the detection and study of gravitational waves via pulsar timing. NANOGrav is one of the founding members of the International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA) and collaborates with its international partners in advancing the goal of the detection and study of gravitational waves. The foregoing activities illustrate the range, but shall not be taken to preclude other activities that would advance the purposes of NANOGrav.

Membership of NANOGrav is open to any researcher who can make a meaningful contribution to furthering the goals of NANOGrav. The NANOGrav Membership Policy describes levels of Membership and the process by which researchers and institutions can join and sustain their Membership in NANOGrav. There are two levels of NANOGrav membership: associate and full. All members must start as associate members. Associate members have full access to all NANOGrav data and can attend all working group telecons and NANOGrav meetings. After one year, associate members making significant contributions are able to apply to become full members. Full membership comes with authorship benefits that are further outlined in the NANOGrav Publication Policy. Full members can also vote on NANOGrav policies and membership, as described in the NANOGrav By-Laws.

Important Collaboration Governance and Policies

Membership Policy

Examine our collaboration's membership levels and the responsibilities entrusted to them.

Publication Policy

Understand how NANOGrav governs its authorship requirements for our publications and communications with the wider scientific community.

Organizational Structure

Explore how our collaboration structures itself to further our scientific goals and foster an inclusive academic environment!

Anti-Harassment Policy

Review the policies which ensure an environment of anti-discrimination & anti-harassment, including the external point-of-contact if such an issue ever arises.


If you would like to become a NANOGrav member, please complete an application form. We will reach out to you shortly.