Resources for High Schoolers

High-school students play an important role in NANOGrav research.

Students of the PSC Camp at Green Bank Observatory.

High-school students at the annual Pulsar Science Collaboratory Summer Camp located at the Green Bank Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia.

Open Call to High-School Students

Are you a high-school student who would like to learn about detecting gravitational waves with pulsars? Would you like to develop better computational, communication, and collaborative skills? Would you like to be part of a world-wide network of students working with us on a cutting edge scientific goal?

Opportunities for High-School Students

Christine Ye presenting her research on gravitational waves.

Pulsar Science Collaboratory

Students and teachers can attend an online training course in order to access to radio astronomy data taken with the world's largest radio telescopes. They can then participate in our search for new pulsars. This is a critical way to improve our sensitivity to gravitational waves. Students can also participate in independent research projects with the 20-m telescope at the Green Bank Observatory.

SPOT Demo Team

Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT)

Are you looking for a relatable scientist role model to bring accessible, cutting-edge astrophysics to your school or youth group? Please request a member of NANOGrav’s Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT) to visit and deliver our signature outreach presentation, “Tuning Into Einstein’s Universe.” SPOT ambassadors can also carry out hands-on activities with elementary and middle-school students.