NANOGrav's Spring 2024 Collaboration Meeting

Bi-Annual Conference for NANOGrav Science

25 Mar 2024 | 11am - 4pm
World-Wide / Virtual
Artistic Representation of a Virtual Meeting.

Credit: @gankevstock (Adobe Stock)

The meeting will take place Monday - Wednesday (March 25-27) from 12:00PM - 5:00PM EDT each day. The time block was chosen to fall within normal business hours of North America's continental timezones, where the majority of our members reside. This meeting will be fully virtual where participants can attend via Zoom to engage with our science talks, invited speaker presentations, and panels.

Attendance is open to the wider scientific community and we encourage anyone to attend. Attendance at some sessions may be limited to NANOGrav / IPTA members due to the internal nature of the topics being discussed.


Registration is Closed

Conference Schedule

Below is a visual block schedule for the conference. 

A more detailed and formal format of the schedule can be found here!


Spring Hackathon (Optional)

In the spirit of carrying forward the collaborative effort that stems from our bi-annual meetings, we will be hosting a Spring Hackathon on Thursday - Friday (March 28th - 29th) from 12:00PM - 5:00PM EDT. The goal of this event is to allow our members dedicated timeslots to work with their fellow collaborators on projects that stem directly from discussions had during the Spring Meeting. Each day will begin with a short series of lightening pitches to those in attendance followed by several hours of collaborative work via Zoom Breakout Sessions, finally ending with a daily wrap-up discussion.

Members and external collaborators at all levels are encouraged to join.

Virtual Organizing Committee

Zaven Arzoumanian (Chair)
William FioreJoe Glaser
Natalia LewandowskaDavid Storm

Registered Attendees

Adam BrazierAiden AkersAlex Saffer
Amanda KarisAnala Kavumkandathil SreekumarAndrew Casey-Clyde
Ann SchmiedekampAnna-Malin LemkeAshley Martsen
Bence BecsyBenetge PereraBjorn Larsen
Caitlin WittCaner UnalDallas
Dan StinebringDavid KaplanDavid Nice
David StormDeborah GoodDeven Bhakta
EzequielFronefield CrawfordGabriel Freedman
Gabriella AgazieGeorgia LowesGraham Doskoch
Heling DengHenri RadovanHolly Legleiter
Ian DíazIngrid StairsJeff Hazboun
Jeremy BaierJeremy M. WachterJessica Sydnor
Joe GlaserJoey Shapiro KeyJoris Verbiest
Jose J. Blanco-PilladoJoseph SimonKai Schmitz
Kayhan GultekinKen OlumKimberly Boddy
Kristen SchumacherKyle GersbachLankeswar Dey
Laura BlechaLevi SchultLucas Brown
Luke Zoltan KelleyLydia GuertinMargaret Mattson
Megan DeCesarMichael LamNihan Pol
Nikita AgarwalNima LaalOlivia Young
Patrick MeyersPaul BakerPaul Demorest
Polina PetrovPranav SatheeshRafael Robson Lino dos Santos
Rutger van HaasterenSarah VigelandShami Chatterjee
Shannon Sylvie AbelsonShashwat SardesaiSophia Sosa Fiscella
Stella OckerStephen TaylorThankful Cromartie
Thomas AbbottTimothy DolchTyler Cohen
Victoria BlackmonWilliam FioreWilliam Lamb
Xavier SiemensZaven Arzoumanian