Dr. Chiara Mingarelli honored with the 2023 Marie Curie Alumni Career Award

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The 2024 MCAA Annual Conference and General Assembly was held at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Congratulations to NANOGrav member, Dr. Chiara Mingarelli, as she was awarded the 2023 Marie Curie Alumni Career Award. 

The award is given to Alumni with an excellent career, in terms of outstanding work, research experience, or leaving an impact on society/community. 

"The Marie Curie Fellowship enabled me to launch my career in 2014, when I joined NANOGrav as a postdocs at Caltech," Mingarelli reflects. She notes "Since then, NANOGrav has been an active hub which brings together experts who are second to none in pulsar timing, data analysis, and astrophysics. I am grateful to all my colleagues in NANOGrav, past and present, for their guidance and mentorship."

Congratulations, Chiara!


Chiara Mngarelli, Marie Curie Alumni Career Award


Award Ceremony for the 2023 MCAA Career Award.

View of the 2023 MCAA Award Ceremony where the Career Award was presented to Dr. Mingarelli.