Hero of NANOGrav - January 2023

Congrats to Scott Ransom!

black and white headshot of Scott Ransom with "Hero of NANOGrav" label

Dr. Scott Ransom

Scott Ransom has been awarded the title "Hero of NANOGrav" for the month of January!

Nominator #1: "Scott has led NANOGrav through an extremely intense and productive past two years. I appreciate his enthusiasm for our science, his support of all members, and his clear and direct leadership style. He's also of course made a number of critical scientific contributions, including taking a leading role in PINT development, timing analyses in general, and writing the code that has resulted in the discovery of so many of our MSPs! Thanks for being an amazing chair, scientist, and colleague, Scott!"

Nominator #2: "Tremendous leader. Garnered major funding from Moore foundation for the Ultrawideband feed and for GBT operations. Supervised development of PINT."

Nominator #3: "Beyond being an excellent chair for four years, Scott has played a key role in our timing and search efforts for many years. Pulsar searching, especially among an incredible number of students around the world, would not be possible without his PRESTO package. In recent years he has helped champion the ultrawideband receiver, securing funds from the Moore Foundation, and has played a crucial part in liaising with the wider community."