Hero of NANOGrav - January 2024

Ross Jennings has been awarded the title "Hero of NANOGrav" for the month of January!

Black and white picture of Ross Jennings with text that says "Hero of NANOGrav, Ross Jennings"

Ross Jennings

Meet this month's Hero, Ross Jennings!

Nominator #1: "Ross is the definition of an unsung hero of NANOGrav, handling many of our timing-related activities in the background. He coordinates our GBT observations and has been working hard on trying to get the cyclic spectroscopy backend up to the original specifications. He has worked to get Quicklook up and running and has worked on several memos trying to document our processes for everyone."

Nominator #2: "Ross has contributed greatly to PINT development, timing observations, and contributions to the development of a new system at the GBT that will provide the cyclic spectrum routinely. This will yield an inflection point in NANOGrav's ability to mitigate some of the effects that interstellar scattering has on pulsar arrival times. Along with other developments, cyclic spectroscopy will aid improvements in timing precision that are key for obtaining the sensitivity to gravitational waves required for detecting individual supermassive black hole binaries."

Nominator #3: "He has been a wonderful and patient mentor to undergraduate and graduate students learning the ins-and-outs of timing and quicklook."

Nominator #4: "Ross has been a great asset to the NANOGrav collaboration. He almost single handedly manages the NANOGrav GBT observing programme and looks over the quicklook development. He helped many IPTA colleges (including me) during the IPTA early DR3 data combination and is always ready to clarify any doubts or answer any questions we may have. What sets him apart is his extraordinary commitment to prioritizing the needs of the group and collaboration over his own personal achievements."