Hero of NANOGrav - November 2023

Meet our newest Hero!

Black and white headshot of Dr. Joe Simon

Dr. Joseph Simon is the newest Hero of NANOGrav!

Joe Simon has been awarded the title "Hero of NANOGrav" for the month of November!


Nominator #1: "Joe handles an extraordinary number of tasks for NANOGrav over the years. He led the 12.5-yr gravitational wave analysis and handled events related to the announcement of a common process. Recently, he led the Fall meeting student workshop organizing committee and helped with the burnout session."


Nominator #2: "Joe has been a longstanding cornerstone of NANOGrav's success, from his leadership of the 12.5yr GWB analysis that showed the emergence of the common process, to his work in the astrophysical interpretation of the 15yr GWB, and most recently his significant efforts for the NANOGrav Fall Student Workshop and the DEI session at the NANOGrav Fall Meeting. He gives so much to the collaboration, and is a great role model to our members."


Nominator #3: "Joe has made huge scientific contributions but also worked to help NANOGrav become a better collaboration: from leading the 12.5 year stochastic background analysis to designing and running our recent session on burnout at the NANOGrav Autumn meeting, Joe's always stepped up and delivered for NANOGrav"


Nominator #4: "Joe really exemplifies the qualities we want to highlight in the Hero of NANOGrav searches, because he truly goes above and beyond for the collaboration. Not only has Joe led numerous key efforts in the DWG and AWG, but he has repeatedly jumped in to help others with their projects without a second thought. Beyond his many scientific accomplishments, he's also an exceptional mentor, and has the unique ability to not only step in when help is needed, but rapidly help a student gain the confidence to manage on their own. Joe's support is a huge reason that I'm the scientist I am today, and he absolutely deserves every recognition for his efforts."


Nominator #5: "Joe's unwavering dedication, exemplary leadership, and substantial scientific con-
tributions have not only propelled NANOGrav's success but also made him a commendable role model for all collaboration members.”