Polarization Calibration Data

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This repository contains NANOGrav's polarimetric profiles as taken with the Arecibo Observatory. Clicking a specific link will download the data for the source indicated by the given row, at the frequency indicated in the given column. We have also provided versioned tarballs of the catalog's profiles above the table for your convenience.

All data files are PSRFITS format. As such, they are compatible with the PSRCHIVE software suite (seepsrchive.sourceforge.net and references therein). For more information regarding this type of data product, please see the details within "PSRCHIVE and PSRFITS: An Open Approach to Radio Pulsar Data Storage and Analysis" (Hotan, van Straten & Manchester 2004).

For information regarding the aquisition and reduction of the data found in this repository see:


Note: The signs of Q and U are different between Gentile et al. 2018 and Wahl et al. 2022 (Q is positive and U is negative in the former, and Q is negative and U is positive in the latter). This does not affect the reported intensity or overall linear and circular polarization.

Version 2.1 (July 21st, 2021)

  • Full-Frequency Profiles - [Tarball]
  • Frequency-Scrunched Profiles - [Tarball]

Version 2.0 (April 9th, 2021)

  • Full-Frequency Profiles - [Tarball]
  • Frequency-Scrunched Profiles - [Tarball]

Version 1.0 (January 18th, 2018)

  • Full-Frequency Profiles - [Tarball]
  • Frequency-Scrunched Profiles - [Tarball]
Pulsars 430 MHz 820 MHz 1400 MHz 1500 MHz 2100 MHz
B1953+29 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J0023+0923 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J0030+0451 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J0340+4130   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J0613-0200   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J0636+5128   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J0645+5158   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J0740+6620   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J0931-1902   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1012+5307   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1022+1001 PUPPI        
J1024-0719   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1125+7819   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1453+1902 PUPPI       PUPPI
J1455-3330   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1600-3053   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1614-2230   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1640+2224 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J1643-1224   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1738+0333     PUPPI   PUPPI
J1741+1351 PUPPI   PUPPI   PUPPI
J1744-1134   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1747-4036   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1832-0836   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1853+1303 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J1903+0327         PUPPI
J1909-3744   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1910+1256     PUPPI   PUPPI
J1911+1347 PUPPI       PUPPI
J1918-0642   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J1923+2515 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J1944+0907 PUPPI   PUPPI   PUPPI
J1949+3106     PUPPI   PUPPI
J2010-1323   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J2017+0603 PUPPI   PUPPI   PUPPI
J2033+1734 PUPPI        
J2043+1711 PUPPI   PUPPI    
J2145-0750   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J2214+3000     PUPPI   PUPPI
J2229+2643 PUPPI        
J2234+0944 PUPPI       PUPPI
J2302+4442   GUPPI   GUPPI  
J2317+1439 PUPPI   PUPPI