RIT AST Colloquium: Cutting-Edge Astrophysics with the NANOGrav Pulsar Timing Array

06 Mar 2023 | 4 - 5pm
Rochester, NY
Presented by Thankful Cromartie
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Pulsar timing array (PTA) collaborations are poised for the imminent detection of nHz frequency gravitational waves emanating from an ensemble of supermassive binary black holes. From the perspective of the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav), Dr. Cromartie will discuss the landscape of low-frequency gravitational wave astrophysics: recent results, the incredible versatility of PTA data sets, and our vision for a next-generation detector. Specifically, she will detail the development of the upcoming NANOGrav 15-year data release and discuss the exciting synergistic science — including mass measurements that constrain the neutron star equation of state — that this data set has already facilitated.